February hasn’t started….

and I have already ticked off an item from my  February bucket list…..Wanna guess which one? I won’t tell you …see it for yourself….

I’m so chaffed to say the least…I’m actually very pleased with the first block of what is going to be a big patchwork quilt.

It feels almost like a dream come true. For a very looooooooooong time I have wanted to have a go at quilting but it was never the right time…..Also my sewing skills were not good enough to venture into the world of quilting.

A while back I started working on smaller projects which helped somewhat to improve my machine sewing skills.I’m still not a pro but I can at least sew on a straight line and that, my friends, is all you need to do for quilting. Straight lines…at the moment…I know it will get more complicated but I AM READY….:)

I’m not doing it solo by the way…Every Monday night , after weight watchers meetings I’ll be meeting up with J Lo and Julia Roberts for quilting (those are not their real names btw). Last night was the first session and I loved every minute of it.

What a laugh it was…two hours of non stop hard work but so gratifying…I know two hours seems long for a simple block but let me tell you…three of us with only one machine, one rotary cutter, one cutting mat , one ruler and one template…plus none of us had much of a clue to begin with so it was proper collaborative work…you should have seen us…two holding the ruler down and the other cutting…

I can’t wait for next Monday…Mondays are my favourite day of the week now…Mondays are fun 😉 I am counting the hours to get my teeth stuck on the ‘whirlwind’…that, for you ignoramus out there, is the name of the block…

So ….cause I am learning a new craft……

and now I’m off to doing some online shopping….looking for the perfect fabric bale …

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S   I have forced , persuaded invited a very good friend of mine to come over and be  my guinea pig  the first one to try my Peking duck . So in a few days I should have another tick on my list.


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