Can’t think of a title…

It has been so long…too long perhaps…It is true what they say about practise makes better…I’m almost sweating here trying to make my thoughts flow and put them down on paper in a coherent way. Well what can I say…(thanks god for the three little dots …they come some handy when I don’t know how to finish a sentence… 🙂 )

I’m skipping the bit about writing lame excuses to justify my absence…lets just say I’m here now because I want to/I need to and because last night I ,suddenly, just like that, remembered that my ‘about’ page is not ME anymore.

I’m still married to 1 and as he is still a gem and good for  me I’m keeping him…

Still daughter to 2 and I pray that God keeps them both strong…dad is getting on, not sure how old he is but somewehere in the region of 85 and not the tall,strong fit man I grew up with but still so much wisdom and experiences to pass down to me and my girls… Mum is the rock in our family. She does and does and does, gives and gives and gives…wanting nothing in return, just her family around her.

So the changes needed in the ‘about’ page are …I’m not mother of three anymore and… i’m not thirty something anymore …I’M 40!!!! well 40 and a half and I’m loving it… I am now mother of four fantastic girls and I’M LOVING IT…

So I had better go and figure out how to edit the ‘about’ page cause writing is not the only department I’ve gone rusty on ….I can tell you now that is going to take my a while to figure out how to get things done in here…

But before I go I leave you with my much loved bullet points…

  • baby is now 7 and a half months
  • dd16 is waiting for replies from 6th forms, can you believe it? my baby is going to do A-levels!!!
  • dd11 is sitting her secondary school entry exam today!
  • dd13 is a typical teenager and trying really hard to find herself
  • I’m trying really hard to get rid of all the baby fat…weight watchers is helping and I’ve lost 1 st so far…way to go but …I’ll keep you updated
  • Holidays coming up in 3 weeks…oh how I love those half terms…lazy , slow days, not watching the clock, some crafting, catching up with friends over a cuppa and some home made cakes, pj days, experimenting in the kitchen….bring it on!
  • I’m counting the days till planting…I have to stop myself from going into homebase to buy the seeds….

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S  I’m pretty sure I’ll be back soon so do pop in again in a few days…I love getting comments xxx

8 thoughts on “Can’t think of a title…”

  1. Yay I’m the first comment! Was suprised to see this post,seeing as you said you were done with blogging “been there,done that,got the t-shirt” thats what you said!

  2. I know I said that my darling …but can’t explain why but I needed/wanted to be back again…I guess it helps to create a sense of order…don’t know , can’t put it into words…thanks for commenting xxx

  3. woah.. hold on there lady.. Noora is 11??? subhanAllah.. when did that happen??? Im glad youre back.. I dont hear anything from you these days 😦 Miss you

  4. How you reached the level of “my big loving sister”, I don’t know. Perhaps it was that special way of you being you: so neat and transparent as I am (or try to be), not afraid of what you say because you always say it in the exact moment.
    I’m so proud of you… That much, that I would like to be as you in 10 years, when I’ll be 40, and love being a wife, a mother, but mostly a woman.
    You deserve your vacations. I know how much you love pj’s!!!, but, when ever you decide to take the pj off and spend vacations somewhere else out of London, please, please, come and visit. Stay with me some time and let me be with my big sister again!

    Te quiero, darlinga sista!!!


  5. Diana I love you too big sista….about travelling you know me….thanks to google i don’t need to go anywhere…i google a place and I almost believe that I have been there……so I guess …we’ll see each other in London 🙂

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