There’s an app for that….

As the mum of one teenager, another on the way (officially on the 12th of next month) and a 10 year old going on 15 I should know everything there is to know about phones and their possibilities. I should be up to date with apps but the honest truth is that I know zilch about phones, gadgets and other techno blah blah blah….

I don’t even own an android phone…the only reason I went for a blackberry is its simplicity, who needs to touch a screen when you can type away using the keyboard duh.

But one thing I do know is that I was pleasantly surprised to catch the above mentioned teenager on her phone, making the most of one of her apps. Ever since ramadan began ten days ago she has been engrossed using it and I , for once, am not one bit bothered that she is on the phone quite a lot.

What about  you , my readers? Are you into phones and apps? What app could you not live without? Or do you like me think that they are mainly a waste of time…

Salaams y Hasta la vista,


P.S  my daughter has just informed me that blackberry has apps too. How am I suppose to know?!!!! She should know, she is the savvy after all. See for yourselves here

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