Don’t know why…

but I feel like blogging…Might be a one off post or the beginning of a blogging period…whatever I’m here now and let me share with you all (not sure anyone reads me anymore but just in case) what’s changed in the last few months.

I’m not pregnant any more 🙂 Our daughter Sarah was born on the 6th of June at 7:27 am to be precise. She is almost two months old and one gorgeous baby even if I say so myself , mash’Allah. Motherhood at the age of 40 is turning out to be much better than I anticipated. All the stuff I read about older mothers being more relaxed and patient might be true after all or just pure coincidence in my case. Whatever the case Sarah is one good easy baby mash’Allah.

Our garden is doing ok considering my dh was in charge this year…So far we have enjoyed juicy and sweet corn. We should be harvesting some tomatoes in another week insh’Allah, just in time for our iftar meals.

Can you believe it’s already Ramadan?!! Time flies indeed… I have been so busy with baby lately that I forgot to draw a list of things I would like to achieve this ramadan. To be honest I doubt I’ll find the time or the energy for extra reading/memorizing the Qur’an but I will try my best. May Allah accept all our fasts, answer our du’as and bring us closer to Him. Ameen.

Not much of a post but it’s a start… Ramadan mubarak to all my muslim brothers and sisters around the world.

Salaams y hasta la vista,



14 thoughts on “Don’t know why…”

  1. Whos dat gorgous baby never seen her before! Mashallah ur baby is so pretty probally takes it after her sister!
    xxxNadiaxxx XD

  2. Salam Aleikoum,soy Bel Cas no tengo ni idea de lo esta escrito pero con las fotos es suficiente, no se como seran las otras pero esta te ha salido sobresaliente masha Allah.

  3. Masha’Allah… I’m crying again sis!!!, but I’m sure you and your husband will do it GOOD again Insha’Allah, as the third times before. Buahhhh.
    Tata Souad.

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