Family break up….

and all because Monopoly.

The other day we were watching a programme on the top 50 toys of all times and monopoly came second. Naturally the girls started asking questions about it…what was it?!!! Had I ever played it?!!!! Well and one thing led to another and before you know it we were all in the shops looking for one and soon after back home around a table ….what else could a mother ask for? All her family round a table, all happy , all sharing….

How wrong could I be? That I am competitive I have no doubt but I’m quite ashamed to admit that when it comes to business (I know is only a game but still) there is no family…..say no more….

Poor dd12 could not take ‘shrewd mum’ , it soon got to her…dd10 didn’t know whether to laugh or cry….and dd15 found it very amusing which irritated dd12 even more…

The whole ‘episode’ made me think about what must be like out there in the real business world…scary…I also remembered what was mentioned on the telly about the origins of the game Monopoly …very interesting indeed…the quaker woman’s intention was to show the world how damaging world monopolys can be…lol…

So , dear readers, what do you suggest I do/play/watch with my family which won’t cause any breakups? Not easy  when all they ever want is to be left alone with their own electronic toys…oh and today we’ve welcomed the latest addition to the electronic family…dd12 has now got an ereader with wi fi and some other gadgets that I’m sure she will master before the end of the day….

And just to make myself feel a little bit better or little less bad…yesterday the two little ones baked a chocolate cake , mash’Allah 😉

Salaams and peace,



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