Time to …..

slow down. Big time slow down….not just ‘sofa days’ in the weekend kind of slowing down.

Have I told you that I’m pregnant with my fourth child? Mash’Allah. Have I mentioned that I’ll be 40 in June? Insh’ALLAH….

So yeah…Slowing down is a must. Like my honest friends keep telling me, I’m not a spring chicken any more and boy, do I feel it!!!!

Last Thursday I had a wake up call. I was doing my usual running around multitasking, trying to do who knows how many things at the same time as well as teaching a full class of 6 years old when my body sent me a signal. I felt a contraction like pain across my belly. Of course I thought nothing of it at the beginning but before long another sharp pain run across the whole of my belly and another one and another one. …

Before long I was timing ‘the contractions’ . The pain was getting unbearable and  had I been 38 weeks pregnant I would have driven myself home to pick up the hospital bag and off to hospital to deliver. However, I’m only 17 weeks pregnant and the pain felt more and more like labour pains. So time to go to hospital.

After being told off like a 100 times for not having attended any hospital appointments yet , they scanned me and alhamdulilah after initial internal checks they ruled out labour. As my uterus was not dilating they did not think that labour had started and the next step was a scan to see what else could be going on.

Alhamdulilah everything was ok with baby; right size, good heartbeat, well developed…. And the pains? , you may ask.Well the scan also showed that I was hemorrhaging internally around the sac. Apparently quite a normal condition which most of the time resolves itself providing mums get enough rest…. I was sent home the following  morning with painkillers and a strong recommendation of bed rest for at least 48 hours.

So , to cut a very long story short….I have decided that is time to look after number one, ME!!  :)… I can not begin to tell you how worried I was all night Thursday ….how I begged Allah to let me carry this baby full term and to allow me to deliver a healthy baby at the end of the pregnancy.

Steps have been taken to begin the process of slowing down…I have gone into work this morning and notified them of my intention of going part time as from this January , Insh’Allah. I will work three days a week and rest two plus weekends. Also, I will go on maternity leave earlier than initially planned. Insh’ALLAH they will get back to me before the end of the week.

Please sisters remember me and my family in your du’as. Jazakhallah.

Who said pregnancy at the age of 40 was easy….Alhamdulilah.

I’m pretty tempted to link up to one of those sites which tell you what a week 17 of pregnancy baby can do and cannot do….but I will leave it for another day LOL….

Salaams and peace,



8 thoughts on “Time to …..”

  1. Assalaamu alaikum

    Ooooh scary but alhamdu Lillah everything is looking!

    “Who said pregnancy at the age of 40 was easy”… I dunno; no one I know! Who told you that?! Pregnancy at 35 was hard enough, lol!

    May Allah give you and your baby good health, ameen. xxx

  2. Subhanallah, how scary for you. As you say a warning sign so take it easy and look after yourself, and the baby. Ameen to the du’aas.

  3. 😦 insha’Allah you and baby get all the rest you deserve and need… maybe its good that this happened sis, with or without baby you needed to slow down. Allahu alim.. part time sounds good, I hope they work with you on this one insha’Allah. Keep in touch sis, send my love to the girls. Fi amenallah

  4. SubhanAllah! May Allah protect you both. My mom had her last child (#8) at the age of 40. I don’t remeber her having troubles but everyone is different. I, for example, found my last pregnancy extremely harsh and was ONLY 26.
    Good thing, mashAllah, you had a signal and are listening to it.

  5. It’s important to rest at this point and age , going through it again myself in my ahem late 30’s is no picnic and doubled with GD and Asthma alhamduilah , i have had to slow right down.

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