1 2 1 2 testing testing…

where to start? !!!!It’s been a looooong time….This post is going to be as random as they come. Maybe a bullet point…cause my life is full of bullet points , no flow, no synergy (not sure what it means but sounds good), nothing keeping it together…

OK, first thing that comes to my mind…..

My friend Cindi in NYC , who rocks because she knows I adore pioneeer woman and went to her book signing and bought me her book , a signed copy no less!!!! Can you believe it! I still can’t ….I’ve tried 3 recipes from the book and all three have been real winners with my crowd. See evidence numero 1.

My friend Kate in dz…who is poorly at the moment and I wish I could be closer to her and make it all better for her…she is my hero you see, she is a true inspiration to me, mashallah. Please keep her and her family in your du’as.

My garden….things were starting to happen untill the weather decided to go all funny on me….sabr is not my forte you see and I bought lots of bulbs and stuff…even a cherry tree that is gonna have to be planted even though the temperatures keep going bellow zero…the thing is..is  starting to blossom in my sitting room… see evidence 2,3,4

Mia the cat fat that sat on my mouse pad….she is growing fast and only recently starting to enjoy the outdoors and dh is training her to do her business outside…he is great like that…he potty trained the girls too…

Talking about little girls and …babies….well (I can’t believe I’m thinking this…) of lately I’m thinking of procreation and maybe going for another baby ….then my mind takes charge of my heart and insides and tells me to get a grip…then I start convincing myself that what a bad thing that would be….I’m almost 39 fcol….guess it’s a midlife crisis…something to do with the biological clock ticking away….

Other things is my mind…Oh yeah I really enjoyed reading and working on ‘why am I so disorganized? sort out your stuff’….helped me inmensely and life is quite tidy right now…

I love half terms….so far I have spent 2 days in bed doing nothing…recharging batteries…got to get out of bed soon though cause we are going to my parent’s in the Basque Country and presents need buying, bags packing, hairs sorted, oh just remembered I have not yet made the appointments for the four of us…but my hairdresser is very flexible…

Things at work could not go any better mashallah…the little ones still love me and I’m still loving them and enjoying their company greatly…oh and some learning is taking place, in the planned kind of way and the accidently kind of way too…

Well, I don’t think anything else worth mentioning here has happened in my life since I last updated you…I might remember something else as i go through the pics….

( three hours later…)

Oh what a palava…this post is proving quite challenging…first I forgot to update the draft so all my uploaded pics lost. Then when I redid the pics the internet went off so had to go out shopping for our little trip and now here I am again…

thanks cindi...you are there next to morgan freeman on my fave americans list...love you
cinamon rolls a la pioneer woman...really yummy and so were the seafood pasta and raspberry cobbler... 😉
think cherry tomatoes, runner beans, onions...inshallah
think garlic...inshallah
smell garlic....think garlic and herbs pizza...inshallah
just imagine...cherry pie 😉
she loves it in the under the stairs cupboard...so do I actually..quiet , warm, not enough room for kids...
she is quite at home...

Salaams y Hasta pronto,


P.S I’m never going to diet again….dieting is too negative, too punishing…i’m going to take care of myself instead….more loving and positive, don’t you agree? xxx

Now I better hit the update button before I make any more damage…bye

17 thoughts on “1 2 1 2 testing testing…”

  1. oh no….i can’t believe this…i forgot to update the draft after adding the pics….arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg…oh well , i’ll be back with the pics…..sabr

  2. Salam… Loved reading your update Ines! Another baby…?!?!?!?! I say gofer it!!!! I can’t believe you are thinking it after everything you have said in the past so I am happy to read that! 🙂 Kisses xxx

  3. I surprise myself sometime…i think is called ‘fitrah’ in arabic…Allah is the best of planners anyways , kisses your way too

  4. well ines,it’s all very interesting,i do know exactly whay u mean about babies and sure it’s got to do with ageing,hope allah has a little one waiting for u inshallah,i wish i could…have the best time ever and enjoy the family….safe trip!ameen…xxx

  5. I have been longing…seriously LONGING for you to do a post….and I’m truly touched by the kindness of your words…may Allah ta’ala bless you for it..ameen….
    Those cinnamon buns look SERIOUSLY good…and I have to say I’ve never really bothered with Pioneer woman till you sparked my intrest…and I’m waiting to try out some of her recipes now….
    The garden looks great…cant wait for spring/summer photos of garden in bloom….hint hint.. 😉
    Insha’allah you have a wonderful time with ur parents..U deserve it my love…..
    And as for babies….I never imagined being pregnant at 40…but, well…..you know the rest..lol 😉
    Love you loads Ines…and NEVER underestimate what a truly wonderful inspiration you are to those around you…
    love and hugs from me and mine to you and yours..

  6. when cindi posted about the book signing i was like wow! I held back to buy the book but when i saw this post and your delights i ordered one straight away from Amazon , can’t wait to get stuck in!

  7. assalamu alaikum,
    really love this post,i hope you had a nice holiday with your family.the cinnamon rolls look yummy i was waiting for mine but did not hear from you.you made me laugh so much when i read your last part about the diet,all i could remember is that day with the nice cheesecake and the duff….lol
    i really hope that you have another baby insha’allah,but sorry i won’t be here to do the babysitting unless you decide to move as well.

  8. Awww….thanks Ines! I am glad you are enjoying the book – and cooking from it! Something that I have yet to do…

    And you are definitely my favorite Basque living in London. Hands down lady!

  9. great post masha’allah! so you back then???? I hope so!

    I second Nicola’s comment lol, I nearly fell over backwards!!! Insha’allah you’ll soon be crocheting bootees and bonnets 😉 xxx

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