I’m not Martha Steward…

but I’m getting there, inshallah 😉 and in the meantime please please please do not tell my children that I’m not good at it….

The thing is that dd11 was most impressed by my sewing skills this afternoon. Bless her …all I’ve done is sew a few straight lines using the machine and voila (well not that easy but fairly simple) I’ve made a little bag to keep all her sketching bits in.

I’m almost proud of myself to be honest…mashallah. You see for as long as I can remember I’ve been telling myself that I haven’t got  a creative bone in myself and as many psychodoctors and gurus will tell you…my thoughts have become actions. Hence my lack of creativity and almost hatred for anything arty farty. But that, my dear readers, is a thing of the past.

Now, in 2010 and at the ages of ** I’m reinventing myself and am slowly but surely turning into a young (dream on Ines) creative lady. And this lady does not give up. This lady has a go at things that would never have even thought about let alone try. This lady has taken on knitting, gardening, sewing, decorating, card making and even baking. YES, YES, YES, this lady is creative and willing to try new things, mashallah.

OK, I’m now going to shut up and show you my latest achievement. It’s ok, feel free to laugh and feel sorry for me but I don’t care as long as your comments are nice and something along these lines… WOW Ines mashallah, well done for a first try, keep it up sis… 😉

Oh yeah you want the picture now (forgot to mention photographying and blogging in my creative activities list) and here it is …

I know that the handles should go on the inside but it's the look we wanted to create...rough and rocky lol
she would not stop saying...'it's so cool mum, your very own first bag mum!!!' bless her
what does she know?
I told you I was only learning...lol

 And something else I did after because she had faith in me…

not too bad considering is not a straight line...


I wonder what I’m going to be inspired to do next…

Salaams y Hasta pronto,



13 thoughts on “I’m not Martha Steward…”

  1. WOW Masha’allah!!! well done sis…keep it up!! lol sorry couldnt resist…No really its fab well done!!! And hey if you read my facebook list of characteristics I am direct, I mean what I say and I say what I mean!! Well done Masha’allah!!! BTW is it Martha steward or stewart……. xxxxx Great post really made me giggle, you are a funny lady masha’allah!

  2. {The link as promised}

    I think It’s spiffing brilliant! And love that the handles are sewn to the front of the bag, very quirky and cool! And I reckon DD11 has full right to be proud of her Mamas new found skills, you rock da blog 😉
    Brilliant start to the new year!

  3. not sure about the spelling but you got it all the same, clever woman mashallah lol
    oh and thank you for the lovely comment, i really wasn’t expecting it rofl

  4. masha’allah!!! i knew you had the crafting vibe somewhere inside you Ines my girl!!!….and did you do a spot of eco friendly re-purposing and make the bag out of an old pair of jeans (it looks like anyway) if so you get the double thumbs up from me….and the young lady in your life has every right to feel proud of her mama masha’allah….what a good start to your new year…can’t wait to see whats coming next!!! btw….just click mays name next to her comment and that will fly you to her blog….insha’allah

  5. assalamu alaikum,
    msha’allah well done ines you are getting so good at craft.i hope to see more of your work insha’allah and waiting to see what’s up with your ???other craft

  6. Ines, you rock! Love the bag.
    If your machine can go backwards and forwards and make a zig-zag, that is all you need!
    You will be on Project Runway in no time flat! (DO you have that show in Britian???)

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