Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…(2)

Before I tell you anything else, by popular demand …the wellies

guess which ones are mine...


Due to bad weather (what a laugh! this is England fcol) both my school and the girls were closed so I had two extra days to do as I pleased.

Yesterday my mate Noorah took me to West Hampstead to do the charity shops round. I’ve told you before…there are 7 shops one after the other!

Today, my girls (minus the teenager who seems to be sleeping for her country and mine together) and I hit Wembley High road in search of more cheap goodies.  Goodies worth mentioning… 6 packs of seed for £3, board markers for 11p, lovely gift boxes reduced from £2.75 to 25p, lovely herb planters for my kitchen sill for £3…

Anyways here are some pictures for you…

can't wait for the snow to clear to put up my polytunnel and start sowing, inshallah

 I also managed to cook and bake today, I know pretty impressive coming from me 🙂

yummy date and banana loaf...even if i say so myself

mashallah what a day we’ve had. And what better news to end the day than the text I just got from my boss saying that school still closed tomorrow …and even better still, the girls school is open tomorrow 🙂

Some more pics I took around here yesterday and today…

london can be quite pretty at times...
not sure what she is thinking...not too impressed overall, she begged us to let her in almost straightaway

Salaams y hasta pronto,



8 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…(2)”

  1. ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!! please can I stay home with you I dont want to go to school.:(
    Other than that great blog and i love the picture of the dates….dont worry i wont tell where you stole the idea from !!!

    Hasta la vista

  2. I’d love to have you at home with me tomorrow but you know what your father thinks of education…he is dead serious about you guys getting a proper education and does not trust me to get it right…lol
    and thank you for keeping my secrets secret 😉

  3. erm….judging by the size of the feet I’d say the ones in the middle are your boots…they’re all fabby tho….you glamorous girls!!
    Cake looks good too….hope you got some slices left over for tomorrow when you’re cosied up at home alone…..have a great day tomorrow insha’allah…grab the “me time” when you can, thats what I say…

  4. asalam sis…
    nice pics well i guess the middle pair are urs ????am i right???/
    and u made me hungry when i saw that lovely cake mashallah…i can feel my mouth watering now….thanks…well is ur school closed friday and islamia is open????why just for 1 day????i dont know why?????/
    next time u go on shopping spreee to 7 shops in a row please keep me in mind?????and also keep a eye out for wool for ur blanket??????

  5. Yes, I was going to say, those lovely flower power wellies must be yours! 🙂 Ok, I think I’m going to put W Hampstead on my list of “places to go when I’m next in London”! That date cake looks delicious ma sha Allah.

  6. salames!
    Masha’allah it looks like bargains galore!!! well done girls one for braving the cold and two for the wellies……I know a certain other certain who loves whacky wellies too!!!

  7. salams
    love the boots mash’allah and as the other sis said iam sure yours are the one in the middle.i went to the charity shops in WH,they are good.love the cake i hope you left some for me…lol

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