You have asked…

sista m, who tried very hard to teach me how to croche
minty ice cream or tricolore to go with the american choc chip pancakes...

Online was the chosen method to learn to knit…I’m half way to a lovely green scarf, mashallah.

looks simple but it was more complex than anticipated...nonetheless I rose to the challenge mashallah
and for security reasons, to preserve the identity of all involved this is the only picture of doll X ...

The rest of the bullet points’ evidential pictures will follow another time because right now I’m going to get real busy once again. Believe it or not tomorrow I start work. A whole day of meetings….’ where minutes are kept and hours are wasted…’

Salaams y Hasta pronto,



5 thoughts on “You have asked…”

  1. masha’allah…the knitting looks good….and crochet…well it’s not as easy as some people (not me!! I can still manage to look like I’m waiting to tangle myself up)make it look
    I’ve been looking for a rag doll pattern for dd5…are you now going to break into the realm of making dolly clothes???

  2. You have been busy!!…My knitting is coming along slowly,crocheting is my next step,but I need my mum to show me how!!!Impressed with your doll,not sure I,m ready for that yet! anyway well done on making lots of things

  3. Aslamu alakum
    i like your knitting, well done , can’t wait to see the end result! I like the rag dolls to, i made them many a years ago with my girls group , great fun they are too.

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