Too busy…

At long last….I have a real good excuse for not blogging. You want to know what has kept me from updating my blog? The truth, the real truth and nothing but the truth? Well , my fellow readers …I have been busy, very busy. Not just plain busy with mundane boring things like cooking, cleaning and looking after the girls. Oh no, the kind of busy I’m right now is the type of busy that keeps you busy all the time. The type that one does not mind. The business that keeps you up all hours and still you enjoy.

Let me now share with you, my fellow readers, the stuff (not the right word but I’m too busy right now to look for a more appropriate word, maybe thing? or task? activity perhaps? who cares?) that has kept me busy. Actually let me give you a bullet point list.

  • learning to crochet
  • learning to knit, actually working on my first ever scarf
  • missing my dh
  • organizing my wardrobe
  • painting a feature wall, a lovely pink wall
  • missing my dh
  • organizing a sleepover party for dd8 dd9
  • sewing rag dolls
  • missing my dh
  • taking up curtains which have been too long for far too long
  • cooking and sharing meals with friends, including my almost famous choc chip american pancakes with minty icecream
  • missing my dh
  • and many many more….

And the evidence?, you may ask my fellow readers…well the answer, quite simply…i’m too busy to wait around this machine while it downloads the pictures. So untill things quiet down a little bit around here, I’m afraid there will be no pictures.

Salaams y hasta pronto,



11 thoughts on “Too busy…”

  1. WOW…….masha’allah.that IS busy….but I want to SEE the crochet and the rag dolls and the heart wont rest until I seeeeeeeee

  2. I was not expecting any less from you my dear seekingtaqwa….mashallah you are a bit of a inquisitive soul ( nosey in other words but i love you so i went for the more diplomatic….). Have sabr and inshallah soon….

  3. glad to see youre keeping busy although I personally think you got bored of waiting for a comment from me so you decided to pay me back πŸ˜‰ truth for me is that hubby takes my mobile broadband and i cant really browse much on his computer when hes over my shoulder lol πŸ˜€ alhamdulillah, married life is good… where is your dh? DZ? how are the kids? insha’Allah ill get to see you soon though

  4. Hmmmm, I’m afraid I would also like to see the ‘evidence’ of such a busy little bee – unless, it’s really your ‘dh’ who produces all the ‘goods’ πŸ˜‰

  5. @ inrigued I wish it was my dh who produced all the good….unfortunately he is not even in the country…hence the ‘missing my dh’ bullet point…but he is back on sunday inshallah, can not wait, I know cheesy but reality…

  6. masha’allah somebody has been very busy.same here was reading and looking forward to seeing the pics but there was insha’allah we have to wait for them.
    salamu alaikum

  7. Hahaha, sorry I just saw a ‘typo’ in my name! Well Ines, I Have seen the ‘evidence’ of all your hard work, and accept that it’s the result of your fair hands – Well done, where on earth do you get the time? I am absolutely useless at anything like that, I can’t even boil an egg without burning it! well that was until someone told me to put water in the pan too. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next post. sayonara

  8. who is ‘intrigued’…someone in another time zone cause is still the 1st of jan here in london…now i’m puzzled…pls introduce yourself…lol

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