Cous cous, lemon and gingernut cheesecake and a dvd…

Last night I came up with the best remedy to cure my post party black moods. And honestly who does not hate clearing up after everyone has left? In the other hand we all love the preparty happy moods, the planning, the getting the house ready to welcome friends… And that my dear readers was the answer to my problem…After the party and just before the last guest has left, invite them all to another party the following day. Thus when you are clearing and collecting mugs and what have you from behind the furniture you are in fact preparing to welcome your friends again. You are happy all over again…

Anyways this morning I was very happy steaming the couscous, chopping the veg and defrosting the cheesake when all of a sudden I noticed that the meat sauce was not bubbling away anymore. My whole body started to shut down, I was frozen on the spot. My first almost instant reaction was to yell for my husband. But I knew it would have been in vain, the man is thousands of miles away enjoying himself, while his wife and three daughters faced death by starvation or frostbite. You may think I am exaggerating but let me tell you that my cooker is electric and so is my central heating/boiler.

Alhamdulilah for good friends that are willing to run to the rescue. Alhamdulilah for good friends that have more sense than  to try explain to a neurotic, on the verge of a nervous breakdown woman that there is nothing wrong with the electric system in her house. Alhamdulilah for good friends that are willing to drive their kids still in their pyjamas to their friend’s house to touch a button and just like that make everything work again. Who needs a man after all…

Anyway I guess at this point you want to know if the couscous was any good and what DVD we watched…Oh and the cheesake was not homemade neither am I going to apologize for it. It was iceland’s own brand, very cheap and very yummy. And please spare me the e numbers blah blah. It was delicious. Not as delicious as the home made, from scratch, nothing out of a tin, done all by myself couscous. See for yourselves…

The dvd…The bucket list. Great movie. Made me think of the things I want to achieve in the short future inshallah. Actually all my guests had to share three things they wanted to achieve in the next coming year. We plan to meet again this time next year and see how many we can tick, inshallah.

My bucket list for next year inshallah

  • Do Hajj with dh
  • Write a book
  • Learn to crochet/knit and make a bed cover
  • And help Nadia with the gardening

What are you hoping to achieve in the next 12 months inshallah. Care to share with me?

Salaams y Hasta pronto,



6 thoughts on “Cous cous, lemon and gingernut cheesecake and a dvd…”

  1. salam alaikum,
    a frightening day turned good masha’allah looks like you have thr ight kind of friends lol!
    Now plans for th enext year oyu have strated me thinking! Insha’allah you have success with all of yours ameen!

  2. Love this post Ines. Ma sha Allah. Great friends, good food so many blessings. I love lists but I haven’t come up with my 2010 or 1431 “Great To Do List” yet! 😉 I pray that you are able to fulfill your goals.

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