Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

I told you I liked this time of the year… Yesterday I had one fantastic day. Alhamdulilah for my adventurous friends and my energetic girls, mashallah.

So much to tell and share but I think on this occasion pictures will tell it best…

We set off  just after 10 am for Tring, somewher in ….England. Gosh I’m rubbish at geography 😉  The scenery all the way there was breathtaking mashallah, subhanallah.

a bit of something before hitting the slopes


don't you just love our wellies...mashallah
the plan was to have an outdoors picnic but decided against...still the homemade soup after all the exercise was delish mashallah
the hot choc went down a treat too...mashallah

You can imagine how tired we all arrived home. No way I was going to cook so instead we picked up a snack box of chicken popcorn and chips for everyone from KFC and a DVD.  The dvd we picked, My sisters keeper, was not as great as I anticipated but was definitely an easy watch with the teenagers… minus some bits that needed skipping…

And what better way to end the night that a game of Taboo. The teenagers again bit us all, mashallah.

Salaams y Hasta pronto



9 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

  1. assalamu alaikum,
    masha’allah looks like you had a fantastic day.i think iam getting jealous..hum..hum.that hot chocolate looks delicious masha’allah

  2. what are you on about karim? it is my blog..don’t tell me you’ve forgoten me alreadyh and you’ve only been gone 24 hours…enjoy the rest of your hols and don’t get too used to your mum’s food cause it ain’t gonna be like that when you get back inshallah

  3. it looks like a lovely day out masha’allah…but very disappointed no close up of the famous new wellies…and who’s the strange snow person with the very unique facial features?????

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