The winner is…

seekingjenna…and seekingtaqwa ….and somayya. Seekingjenna gets the first prize which is the book, as promised. The other two get a surprise book. Please contact me via email with your details and I’ll post them as soon as the snow clears. Thank you all for sharing your du’as.

Salaams y Hasta pronto,



5 thoughts on “The winner is…”

  1. well done seekingjenna!!!!
    lol…don’t dare send by post to dz tho Ines…they may NEVER
    may allah ta’ala bless you for your generosity masha’allah

  2. assalemo alaikum,

    Oh Ines barakallahu fiki…thats the first time i ever rememember winning something! I wonder if somayya’s mom has got room for them all in her suitcase! Insha’allah I will get you my bils address and he can send with someone.

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