I love this time of the year…

this is what I wrote in response to one of my blogfriend’s honest post…

i love this time of the year….lol don’t take me wrong, read the rest of my comment … i love that on christmas day the roads are empty and i can travel to see my friends, i love that the parks are empty and the girls have the swing and all the rest for themselves…i love that the day after christmas all those ppl that have over spent flog all their presents on gumtree/ebay/amazon and i can get some bargains inshallah,,, looking for an iphone
I hate the consumerism around this time of year, i hate the wastage and all the rest, i hate my mother feeling sorry for me all by myself on ’such special day’ …if only she knew…
I love you fisabillilah, thank you for an honest post

Please note that I did not go into a religious debate… I just exercised my right to express my opinion.

Salaams y Hasta pronto



7 thoughts on “I love this time of the year…”

  1. You ladies and me 3 together..i so feel the same and then its all over in a day! Then they are out spending yet again in the sales! I hate consumerism and i hate the sales!

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