Why am I so…

disorganized? Sort out your stuff.  Yet another one of those american self help books but this one with a difference…It claims to get to the bottom of my chaotic life style…I have only read the first three chapters and completed accompanying exercises and so far so good.

If nothing else it makes me take stock and analyze my state of affairs so can’t be too bad a book. I am enjoying the note writing and digging in the past kind of stuff. 

I have in the past resorted to many different self help books for various issues and they have all helped some way or another. So I hope this one is of benefit too. I’ll keep you updated and inshallah I’ll share some of my notes too.

Salaams y Hasta pronto,


P.S Here is a photo cause you’re worth it…

our own version of 'primrose bakery' cupcakes...yummy

Another pic because I’m worth it… 🙂

a cuppa to help us decide which books to keep...we ended up spending a small fortune even though they were all half prize...borders gone into administration...

And another pic because we are all worth it…

this is the book i can not wait to get my teeth into...roll on spring...inshallah

6 thoughts on “Why am I so…”

  1. Aslamu alakum ines
    i do hope you feel more organised with that book! I love your cup cake effort yummmy i still have not attempted them!

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