My life in …

bullet points. Oh and a few pics too, of course. Only because what I’ve got to say is not that interesting and because they brighten up the place 😉

So let’s see…bullet point …

  • Work….starting to really get the hang of it…really sweet class…so much creativity…they are a very hands on bunch…trying really hard to bring out the auditory aspect…trying to address it through halaqas, simple story telling without the visual/gimmicks overbombardment…
  • Family…alhamdulilah, teeanger over the shingles, teenage wannabe unbearable but not as bad as with the other one…experience is a great teacher 😉   kitten …growing mashallah, see the pics below… dh counting the days till christmas break  to go see his folks back home( and have a break from us all)
  • Weigh watchers…non existent…you know with Eid celebrations and all the rest…must get back on…no excuses…
  • My mate Noorah coming back from Hajj on Saturday inshallah…can’t wait…I miss her…
  • Thinking of joining the qu’ran lessons after school…old fashion madrassa style…the problem is that it’s for the students of the school…will have to pray istikhara…
  • Eid party in class tomorrow…forgot to take pics of the decorations we made today…must share our puppet theater too…come back soon and I’ll show you  the pics…thinking of using it  a lot…the kids are dying to make their own puppets…haven’t told them yet that they have to put on a show on 2D shapes…I know crazy but they’ll love it …trust me….once there was a circle round sun which made mrs square very hot…mr triangle had a …get it? 😉
  • Planning a trip to the Eastend…abaya shopping…a colleague tells me they are very cheap…greenfield road…abayas for £15!!!!! …never paid less than £30 for an abaya…

Time for the pics…

she is such a poser...loves the camera
ate them on a recent family trip to 'primrose bakery' in covent garden, yum
best book in a long time...simple yet powerful...all about unconditional love, brilliant

 Salaams y Hasta pronto,



6 thoughts on “My life in …”

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhh my Allah I thought I had you bookmarked, but it has been so long since I saw a post, so I checked your site and realized I havent had u bookmarked! My head must really be in my butt! Im soooooooooooo sorry!!!!

    Ok – bookmarking now! I promise!

    (ps gorgeous kitty by the way!!)

  2. Aslamu alakum
    thank you for updating ………the bakery is great don’t you think? A little small but i adore the retro look and cakes moist sponge! A sweet treat!

    Whitechappel market is good for Abyahs Ammena can tell you more as she purchased some in Ramandan also Upton Park esp on market day Thur, Fri and Sat a stall inside there sells em cheep too. 2 for £15 beat that! I get mine custom made Ines by my own personal seamstress . Let me know if you need more pointers inshaAllah!

  3. salam hun… like Rainbow said whitechapel market I was getting some for £10 and £12 masha’Allah really nice stuff too. You should check it out, although I know its pretty far from u. Thanks for the pictures too masha’Allah and good to hear the kids are doing well. Pass on my salams to Noorah, who did she go with? Insha’Allah see you soon… miss ya, fi amenallah

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