I can’t remember where or when I read …. “Knowledge  is taqwah and success is jannah” but ever since I read the quote often I have pondered…
No doubt I want both, taqwah and jannah 🙂 who wouldn’t… The thing is that it is such a struggle to achieve, to keep up the good work, to sustain the pace…
Iman is required to achieve anything of the sort but unfortunatelly it is not something you get by clicking your fingers. Right now, sadly, my iman is all over the place…Up one day , down the next…I’m quite tired of this state of going through the motions on automatic, astaghfirullah.
I know the first thing I need to do is get on the prayer mat and work on my salah, strenghen the link between myself and my creator. Make a move to disconnect from the dunya…
Inshallah next week is half term for me but not for the girls and it should be an opportunity to charge batteries, to reconnect spiritually.
I am going to take things easy and look after myself inside out inshallah.Also in a little while I’m off to weight watchers. Time to do something about my out of control weight gain… No, I won’t be reporting back on how much I weighed but I will be posting on progress as a way to keep myself motivated.

Things at work are great but I’ll tell you about it in the next post. Now is time to get ready to face the music… 😦 wish me luck and if you could remember me in your du’as … much appreciated Jazakhallah

Salaams and Hasta pronto,


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