All things red…

It all started with this

eid party 158

One of the biggest paintings my dad is done for me and right from the start I fell in love with the red colour.

As some of you may know , we moved into our new place in the month of June (or was it late May?) and only now things are starting to take shape.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to decorate the house so I decided to take things slowly and go with the flow ,so to speak. My energy and money were going to be spent on the open plan ground floor, where we spend most of  our time. Still not sure what I was doing but slowly,slowly  I ended up with all the big pieces, i.e. sofas, dining table…

And then one day it hit me… it was all wrong, it was looking too conservative, too neutral, too creamy… and that is not me. Can’t remember who said it but she was right, it was like a chocolate box with a few white ones…

But then something happened…kind of accidently. Ok, if I have to be honest the £6 tag attached to it influenced my choice but it turned out to be the beginning of my love affair with all things red

oh how I wish now I had chosen red for my dh new radion...
oh how I wish now I had chosen red for my dh new radio...

 So , suddenly the room was not all brown and cream anymore. The lamp base in red added a bit of what should I say…colour? interest to the room? Exactly that, so I made a conscious decision of accessorizing ( you can tell I’ve been watching too many of those decorating programmes )using warm tones of red.

Next, the big brown table with the brown leather chairs needed tackling and that is exactly what I did. And here is the pic..

eid party 154

By now I was much happier but not quite  there yet. Something had to be done with the wide cream walls. Another visit to TK Maxx for inspiration and this is what caught my attention…

this was definately love at first sight
this was definitely love at first sight

And the red theme has reached other parts of the house too! Look at these cute red lamps. Actually I’m only showing you the one on the first landing but there is another identical one in the hallway.

just enough red to add that je ne sais quoi...
just enough red to add that je ne sais quoi...

The weird thing is that I don’t think of red as my favourite colour at all. When people ask me about my fave colour I always answer green. I never wear red. My jilabas and scarves are always black or dark blue and the same for almost all my clothing. But now that I think about it, my handbag is RED!

eid party 157

What does that say about me? Any ideas? My guess is that…no, better leave it at that, don’t want to over analyze things and scare myself off 🙂

And that is all for now … Wishing you all a happy autumn,

Salaams and Hasta pronto,


3 thoughts on “All things red…”

  1. Lo que he visto me gusta muchíiiisimo!. está muy bien tener una “base” neutra para poder ir añadiendo color y personalidad. Enhorabuena! la casa te va a quedar muy bonita y cálida! y el rojo es un color estupendo que pone de buen humor! 😉

    All I’ve seen of it I’ve loved. It’s wonderful to hace a neutral “base” tgo be able to add bit by bit colour and personality. Congratulations! your home is going to end being beautiful and very warmlike 🙂 red is a marvellous colour which puts you in a good mood

  2. salams
    mashaallah i love it is one of my best colours mashaallah,i think it all looks best one is the red clock…formidable

  3. Nice ma sha Allah! I like red!

    OT: I recently read a book that made me think of you! It’s called “The Return” by Victoria Hislop. I actually learnt a lot about the Spanish civil war from it! Have you read it?

    Umm Hibaat

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