It’s contagious…

and currently in the air… the love for gardening in our house, that is. See for yourselves. She is in her element…

and she makes it look so effortless...
and she makes it look so effortless...

 garden and nadia's pics 020

garden and nadia's pics 022

Ever since we moved into our new home, sometime in June, our garden has been the part of the house most talked about, most looked after and the one that has undergone the most changes.

Unfortunately , in our absence while on holidays in Spain, the herbs all perished 😦  We’re even considering not going on holidays for such long time anymore. Crazy , I know…

W e are looking into starting our own vegetable patch at the back of the garden but I’m not sure is the right move for our family. I’d love to but I think it would be too much considering that both my dh and I spend most of the day out at work.  I might start off with one vegetable, an easy low maintenance one and take it from there. We’ll see..

I leave you with more pics of our garden. Who would have said it, me enjoying gardening…

garden and nadia's pics 025

m;y dad'a ivy, I brought it back from home
m;y dad'a ivy, I brought it back from home

 Salaams y Hasta Pronto,



6 thoughts on “It’s contagious…”

  1. looks great Ines i adore that climber did you make it ? Where can i get these types from , my neighbour has some thay look great! My sweet corn is coming on and beets. My sun flowers are just about to open, i know i was late sowing, we just got into it all this summers ! Next year you watch i will have a full crop on time. I want to try pot’s!

  2. the metal climbers were from Ikea, they were reduced to a £1 but s***** me only got one!!!!
    Rainbow, next year when you start sowing give me a shout and I’ll follow you 😉

  3. assalamu aalaikum,
    love it all mashaallah.its good that your girls enjoy doing little one has been picking my cherry tomaotes while still green.iam looking forward to pumpking as i planted some seeds.

  4. lol umkauthar, you too into gardening… another superwoman mashallah, how do you do it with all the little ones around you?
    We will have to discuss gardening more in depth when I see you next 😉

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