Wishing you all a Happy New Year…

I know , I know…no I haven’t lost the plot but as far as I’m concerned each new year begins in September. Maybe is to do with working in schools and with coming back to work after a long break but I think it is more to do with starting afresh with a completely different group of children. New classroom, new children, new challenges, new colleagues, new activities…

As mentioned in the previous post , this year is somewhat different as we do not start until after the Eid celebrations which mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

I hope and pray that this new year is beneficial to me and all those around me in my work place and specially for the little ones in our care. Inshallah, we all learn and grow together. We overcome any challenges and difficulties  with sabr (patience ) and remember Allah constantly.

Salaams y Hasta pronto,



4 thoughts on “Wishing you all a Happy New Year…”

  1. salams
    mabrouk for the new job,i hope you will have nice time their and iam sure the kids will love having you as their teacher mashaallah.kauthar is sad that you leaving the school she always says you are one of her best teacher mashaallah.

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