Some pics…

Jun-Jul09 099

Jun-Jul09 102

My friend Noorah and I took the girls to the seaside last Thursday. We were on our way to our favourite spot in Wittering but as the queue to enter the beach’s car park  was quite long we decided to check out another beach nearby. I think it was called Sesley.

In all honesty it is not the best of beaches but it was so quiet, only 4 oldies, that we decided to stay. The kids had lots of fun and they were not too bothered about the lack of sand. They quite enjoyed the seaweed fights and wearing them as wigs too 😆 Oh and I was very happy to sit on my chair with my feet in the water and read.

Jun-Jul09 084

The herbs box was a present and I am using all the different herbs in my cooking. I especially adore the little basil leaves in my salads.

Jun-Jul09 061

Jun-Jul09 074

My new garden, my recently discovered new passion…gardening. I wouldn’t say I have green fingers just yet but I can say that I ‘m loving every minute out there. I love coming home in the evening and watering the grass and all the little flowers and other plants I planted myself. I love steppping out first thing in the morning and checking for new  overnight ‘appearances’. Even pulling out the nasty weeds is so rewarding. Mashallah, I have many plans and inshallah I would learn as I go along.


6 thoughts on “Some pics…”

  1. mashaAllah you and me seem to have embarked upon this passion at the same time eating Al _Fressco at every sunny oppurtinty its great aint it? Enjoy sister …..i am really getting into the plant thing who knows pumpkins for Autum! Nice to read you again after sooooooooooooooooooooo , i mean toooooooooooooooooooooo long hugs xxxx

  2. Assalaamu Alaykum INES!!!!!! What a nice surprise to get not one but two posts from you at the end of my day! Ma sha Allah. I have missed you! Mabrook on the move and your uni work too! Looking forward to seeing more of your gardening delights. I love the smell of basil!

  3. ines the orange flower is a marigold i belive so iam told anyhow ……….i cant belive how our lives are so different but have some uncanny similarties!

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