It’s been a while …Part 2

And this time not because nothing much has happened but quite the opposite.

I will not give you an endless list but I will list the main events/changes/dramas in my life in the last few months. In no particular order…

I moved house on the 12th of June. Alhamdulilah we now have a little garden at the back. I never thought I would enjoy taking care of the garden so much. 

On the 24th of June my uni mentor came to school to do a lesson observation, check my folders and other millions of evidence papers  and signed me off. Oh the relief!!!

I was going to list some more but my mindis gone completely blank. Without you noticing (of course!!!) while writing this post I got a call from a very dear friend, who has  just told me that she has ‘swine flu’. May Allah give her a speedy recovery , ameen.

The flu is definitely in the community. My school governors decided to close the school for five days last Wednesday after six confirmed cases. We are due back tomorrow but even then I don’t think lots of the children will turn up. The parents are ‘not taking any risks’ as they put it. A few of them did officially told me the children would not be back to school till after the summer holidays.

We have booked our summer hols for the 2ndof August. We will be staying with my parents till the 19th, inshallah. I can not wait to see my folks and relax, stress free in my little village surrounded by mountains, fresh air, mamas food, clean beaches, eating al fresco ,chilling out in the garden in the evenings,….oh the anticipation is too much.

And now some pics. Actually pics will follow I need to ring my friend first and see if I can do anything for her.

Salaams and Hasta pronto,



One thought on “It’s been a while …Part 2”

  1. Don’t you just love having a garden! I love mine too, although rarely do any work on it, apart from the small front garden, i leave the main garden to dh lol. Love your pictures too 🙂

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