The new season has started…

The car boot sale season that is. I am aware that some of them are opened all year round but the vast majority close their doors around mid October till March/April.

I love car boot sales. I love rummaging through all the stuff laid on tables and on the groud. I love looking for that ‘something’… I love the friendliness of the sellers. I love the relaxed atmosphere all around. I love coming home with lots and lots of things and all for very silly amounts of money. I love the fact that dh hates them so I get to go on my own  guilt free. I love the fact that they open very early in the morning , too early for the girls so I leave them asleep and I get to go on my own 😆

So let me now show you some of yesterday’s bargains. The most expensive items were teenager’s dress and jacket ,£2 each.


Best bargains, 3 terracotta plant pots for £4!!!


Best received bargains…it’s got to be the lip glosses. The two little ones were soooooooooo happy with the make up and all for 20p each. Bargain or what!!! Actually , they were delighted with the cute little cushion which cost me the silly prize of 50p. It’s new and from La Senza…



I also bagged a lovely handbag for moi and a book for moi aussi both for a quid and some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

It is not always that I come home with these many bargains but more often that not I find something to make my early rise, drive there and back worthwhile. I cannot wait till the next Saturday, inshallah. I might even try a new one on Sunday. I did some research  on line recently and apparently there is one in Hatfield on Sunday afternoons. We’ll see …

For now salaams and Hasta pronto,



4 thoughts on “The new season has started…”

  1. awww the car bootie have not been able to get out to one just yet! Your finds look fab esp the ‘grummpy pillow i bet its for you? MashaAllah good for you sis, i am looking to go but need someone to drive me!

  2. assalamu alaikum.
    oh i love this post,
    i really love carboot sale’s as well.i like going early in the morning but not easy with my four.i love the plant pots mashaallah and they were a bargain.there is one in taplow if you are intrested and its very big.

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