Simply disgusting…

Just read here what the Zionists can get away with.Astaghfirulah. Well they might get away with it here in the dunya but Allah will give them their just punishment. Nothing else to add as Desert Veil says it better than I would ever under the circumstances .I’m still raging so I’m not going to make any sense.

Please remember in your du’as the brothers and sisters that suffer their brutality every day. May Allah grant them all jannah, ameen.

Salaams and Hasta pronto,



4 thoughts on “Simply disgusting…”

  1. salam my dear….
    we should never forget the power of dua..may allah give us victory over the disbelievers..ameen…
    ps….sorry i missed you on the phone the other night…love you!!!!

  2. asalam sis..

    i love reading ur news on ur blog….
    tell yasmine gook luck at sewing the pieces she has made look great…
    my teacher in collage said look in stonebridge for a evening course of sewing or try in web sorry if this is not much help…chin up…..
    maybe maryam could teack her on a sat of sunday for a little while????

    well may allah accept all our dua’s and save us from the hell fire….ameen.

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