Some pics from my recent trip…

I took my girls to my little village in the Basque Country back in February. It was a long weekend fun packed with lots of family time and being one with nature. Enjoy…

spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-031 spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-043spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-059spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-068spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-069spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-099spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-119spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-125spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-219spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-239spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-346spain-feb09-carnival-and-others-434

Oh no I have spent time adding little comments underneath the photos but when I previw the post I don’t see them. Oh well, they are quite self explanatory except for the last one.  On my return home I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of yet another new leaf. Subhanallah, we thought I had killed yet another plant and had almost got rid of the whole pot.

Salaams y hasta pronto,



3 thoughts on “Some pics from my recent trip…”

  1. Oh and the coke is mine and the milk my nephew’s who had his first birthday while we were there. The cake is always a welcoming treat from my dad. His ‘bizcocho’ is a local competition winner, mashallah and the man is 85 years old but still bakes it for us as a breakfast treat.

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