Believe it or not…

my friend Umm Hibaat has tagged me.  ‘Mom of the year’ apparently… The thing is I’m expected to do something very technical with the whole award thing and pass it on and nominate others and fill in some kind of questionaire and blah blah blah but I haven’t got a clue and you (regular readers) knew that already . So …thanks but not thanks 😆

The first question was : something you admit to feeling guilty about. Is that a joke? I can spend the day and I would not be finished. Where do I start? I don’t cook a balanced enough dinner. No that’s a lie, the truth is I don’t cook full stop.  Do I carry on? I don’t do much for them but I cover it with calling it ‘ I want you to be more independent my dears and one day you’ll appreciate it’.  Next, I am a working mother and that should be the biggest guilt …let’s not even go there.

On to number 2- 7  things I like doing with them… Reading in bed, all 4 of us in my big bed. Watching them baking while shouting instructions at them every now and again. Having the two younger ones as sous chefs (they can do a few different salad almost on their own…which shows that I’m a good teacher but a bad cook. Correcting and making improments to their school work and seeing the proud smiles on their faces. Washing and rinsing their hair, not for much longer but making the most of it. I have just asked them what they love about me and the middle ones answers…you don’t spoil us, you are not strict and when you read to us you change your voices so well, you are funny. Ooops I think that is more than sever now.

Number 3- I now have to nominate 5 mums. How if I don’t know how to pass on the trophy? Anyways I’ll just name them and they are going to have to work it out themselves. So here they are

Muslim womanhood muslim motherhood

Stranger in this dunya

The mother of one


And that last one…well it looks like everyone else already has the award. If you are reading this and you are a good mum,go on , give it to yourself from me and keep it rolling.

Salaams and hasta pronto,



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