Viva Palestina Day 11…

As salaam alaikum Day 11- 24th February -(convoy 60km outside Algiers to Constantine) Noorah -Algiers to Annaba . Algeria As planned Noorah left Mary’s house in Algiers to head towards Annaba and the Tunisian border, as she was travelling alone and was not with the convoy she was stopped at each check point along the way, which she states were atleast 35. At each check point Mehnaz the sister travelling with Noorah would make dua and the police would ask them a few questions and let them go. She drove all day just stopping once (apart from the check points) and arrived very late at night at Annaba (close to the Tunisian border)and stayed in a hotel there. The convoy however were still some 8 hours behind her at Constantine for the night. Day 12 – 25th February (Convoy Constantine through Tebessa -Tunisian border -to Gafsa) Noorah from Annaba (Tunisian border) to Gafsa. Noorah drove this morning to the Tunisian border at the North of the country. The convoy however decided to change its mind and instead of crossing the border at Annaba decided to drive south towards the border at Tebessa. Noorah crossed the border into Tunisia to an amazing welcome, supposed to be for the whole convoy. The Mayor was present together with many people and display of food for the drivers. The were a little confused when only 1 vehicle crossed the border and asked Noorah where the rest of the drivers were, Noorah at that point thought that the convoy would arrive a little later, but upon telephoning someone in the main convoy found out that they were near Tebessa. Noorah had to apologise to the people at the Northern border and let them know that the others were not coming. The police then escorted Noorah south through the mountains towards the convoy who were entering Tunisia near Tebessa. Noorah rejoined the convoy and was with them last near Feriana travelling towards Gafsa. She complained that the drivers of the convoy were being treated like prisoners, were not allowed to stop to go to the toilet or anything else unless the whole convoy was made to stop. Since rejoining the convoy she says that they have not stopped to eat anywhere and were only given water by the police. Many drivers are unhappy with the way they are being treated by the police who is escorting them through the North African countries. Please make dua that Allah makes it easier for them, and that they reach Gaza safely. May Allah give them the patience and strength to continue and may Allah protect them and keep them safe and give them the guidance to stay on the straight path. wa salaam zubia


3 thoughts on “Viva Palestina Day 11…”

  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Ines, you’re probably really busy but whenever you get a chance maybe you’d like to join in. And if not, the award’s yours anyway!!! πŸ˜€ In other words, I’ve tagged you over on my blog! πŸ˜›

  2. I know you have but I haven’t got a clue what to do next!!! And anyways I don’t deserve it my own kids said it today and that was just after spending all afternoon ice skating πŸ˜†

  3. Jaza’kallah hukhair for your updates they’re very interesting to read.
    Also would it be possible for you to ask your friend to bring home drawings from plestinain children which i could then sell and raise money for our Plestinian brothers and sisters out there.
    please get back to me!
    your sister in humanity, Ayesha

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