Latest Viva Palestina…

As salaam alaikum

Again I apologise for the lateness of this email, couldn’t get hold of Noorah yesterday, more on why later.

Night 8 – 21st February – Maghnia –  Ain Temouchant (Algeria)

After hours of waiting the convoy was finally let into Algeria, to an amazing welcome (finally). As they drove from Maghnia to Ain Temouchant, there were people lining the roads and following the convoy (as they were going at a very slow speed). Noora said” The welcome and atmosphere was amazing, people lined the streets, praying for us and cheering us on, one man went into a shop as I was passing, he came out and put a crate of water on my lap as I was driving, other people threw in Bismillah and various other car ornaments with duas on it through the open window. One man held is young son to the window, and he walked by the car whilst his son recited Surah Al- Mulk to us”. The petrol is also free to the convoy in Algeria, although I am not sure if this has been provided by the government or an individual person.

That night they stayed in Ain temouchant.

Day 9 -22nd February – Ain Temouchant to Chlef???? Algiers????

The police escorted the convoy towards Chlef which was the original destination of the convoy for that night. Noorah states ” that we were travelling at a very slow speed all day, I needed to get my car repaired, but the police would not listen to me, they would only escort us to the petrol station and then back to the convoy, the convoy kept stopping every few minutes on the hard shoulder, and I was really getting fed up”.

The convoy reached Chlef at 7.30pm local time, but instead of stopping for the night the police decided to let them continue towards Algiers. The convoy stopped 60 kilometres outside Algiers very early this morning.

But going back to the beginning of this email. Where was Noorah last night?? Why couldn’t I reach her when the rest of the convoy was travelling towards Algiers. Well because Noorah has gone A.W.O.L. (absent without leave). She was not with the convoy last night, and before I give anyone a heart attack, just to say that Noorah is safe and well. She was worried about her car and was getting very annoyed with the police convoy going at such a slow speed and stopping all the time.

So just before Chlef as the convoy took the slip road towards Algiers, Noorah decided to carry on straight. She drove around the mountain areas of Chlef before a check post policeman escorted her to a local hotel. Whilst the rest of the convoy was driving towards Algiers, Noorah stayed in Chlef. The hotel was holding a convention for Doctors, and she said that the doctors paid for our room, realizing we were with Viva Palestina.

Day 10 -23rd February (Convoy remains outside Algiers) Chlef – Algiers

This morning Noorah drove to Algiers, where she got her car fixed and having got in touch with Mary, spent the rest of the day and night resting at Mary’s house in Algeria. Jazak’Allah khair Mary, may Allah bless you and your family. She is 60km ahead of the Convoy and as the convoy leaves tonight for the Tunisian border, Noorah plans to leave at Fajr time and catch up with the convoy at the border crossing.  People on the convoy do know of her whereabouts and are not worried about her. Insha’Allah she will catch up with them and will probably reach the Tunisian border before they do.

Please continue to make dua for Noorah.. May Allah give her patience and strength, and may the convoy be allowed to enter Gaza.

wa salaam
from a very worried

p.s next time Noorah plans any kind of trip one of us have got to go with her, Subhan’Allah!


One thought on “Latest Viva Palestina…”

  1. assalamu alaikum
    masha’allah…jazak allah kheir for letting us know that they all ok.may they have a safe journey ameen.
    baraka allahu fik again ines and sis zoubia,

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