Another Viva Palestina update

As salaam alaikum Insha’Allah you will be in the best of health when you receive this email, again I am sorry for no update yesterday, was unable to get into contact with Noorah. Night 6 -19th February -Fez The convoy was still under “house arrest” in the hotel. Day 7- 20th February – Fez to Oujda (Morocco) The convoy left the hotel enroute to Oujda and somehow they were allowed to travel in the daylight hours. The Government and police had managed to stop the rallies, tried to keep them in a secret location, but still on their route from Fez to Oujda they could not stop the public coming out of their houses to show support. Noorah said “this has been the best part of the journey so far, people were out on the streets, waving and cheering as the convoy past. There were alot of people shouting ‘Bravo!’ “. The travelled to Oujda, but the police escort would not let the convoy travel through the main town, and took them through many back streets. As it became darker they were told to stop all vehicles in a car park, and were told they had to eat, Noorah said ” I was so tired, that instead of going to eat, I pulled out my sleeping bag and fell asleep on the pavement”. When the group returned the police then said that they would be taken in buses to another secret hotel to spend the night. By the time they got to the hotel it was nearly morning and time to get back up. Day 8- 21st February – Oujda to the Moroccon – Algerian Border. The convoy drove some 15 miles to the border. The convoy has spent all of the day in “No Man’s Land”. They have left Morocco but have not yet been given the go ahead to enter Algeria. The authorities have taken their passports for inspection, and the convoy has been left just waiting. There was however a band, and a boy scout group on the Algerian border for their welcome. The authorities have been handing out bread in rations to the convoy, and Noorah compared it to the aid that the people of Gaza receive. ” The authorities came to hand out some bread out of hours and we all had to go and collect our ration and go back to our vehicles”. As I was talking to her you could hear the Isha Adhan in the background. It seems again that the Algerian Government will only allow them to travel at night as well. At present the convoy remains in ” No man’s Land”, insha’Allah will keep you updated with what happens from here on. Noorah is now in group 6 with the team from Bradford, She said that the Brothers and Sisters in the Group and very caring and are making sure she is o.k. May Allah reward them. Please continue to make dua for Noorah and the convoy, insha’Allah tomorrow they will reach their half way mark. A story of Inspiration from No Man’s Land. by Noorah. ” A group of Brother’s were standing in a circle in No man’s land for quite a while, when I approached them to see what was happening, I saw the Brothers all watching a group of caterpillars making their way from one border to the other. It was exactly like a convoy. They were all following one caterpillar exactly where it led them to go. The Brothers were intrigued and wanted to see what would happen if they took they leader or “Ameer” of the caterpillars out of the convoy. So one Brother picked up the 1st Caterpillar and put him to one side. The rest of the Caterpillars all curled up and in a matter of minutes another there was another Leader/Ameer and the caterpillars all followed the direction he was taking. The Brothers tried the experiment again and the same thing happened the Caterpillars all curled up, like to have a discussion and another Ameer/ leader emerged. Masha’Allah they seem to be much better than humans”. Maybe we have alot to learn from the Caterpillars, they are able to follow their Leaders with no problems, no fights, no arguements, and when they loss their leader, they quickly elect a new one, without any wars, without any bloodshed, Subha’Allah and humans are named the best of creation, I think we have a long way to go and could learn alot from the animal kingdom. keep Noorah and the convoy in your dua’s, May Allah give them the strength and patience to persevere and reach Gaza safely. wa salaam z p.s sorry if I said anything to offend anyone

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