Viva Palestina day 5&6

as salaam alaikum

Again I am sorry for not having set an email yesterday at the end of day 5 but, I couldn’t get through to Noorah at all last night. (more on this later).

Night 4 -17th February Saville to Algericas

My last update finished at Noorah still travelling at Midnight towards the Spanish Southern coastline to a place called Algericas. At the time all the convoy was split into groups but all were told to reach Algericas on the night of  the 17th February no matter how many hours they had to drive. In order to meet this deadline, the group leader forgot her duties and carried on regardless of where the cars she was in charge of were. One car took a wrong turning and no one stopped for them.  But Noorah decided to follow the car and  managed to guide them to Algericas.

That night Noorah slept under her car, Subhan’Allah for a couple of hours.

Day 5 -18th February Algericas to Tangier

The convoy was to travel from Algericas, board a ferry to Tangier, Morocco, where again there were big promises for what lay ahead including a police convoy through out Morocco,
A welcome in Tangier and a rally in Casablanca.  The boarding of the ferry was problematic in itself as the Police would not allow anyone on with their Viva Palestina T shirts on, which all the drivers were wearing.

What lay ahead when they reached Tangier, was Police and Security. There werepeople who were there for the welcome, but Noorah said they seemed to be a numbered few who were there just for show for the press. They had their vehicles searched, had sniffer dogs go through each vehicle and then had to drive through metal detectors….. Is someone forgetting this is an aid convoy!!!  They then detained 1 driver, who was freed 1 and a half hours later. Ofcourse the rest of the Convoy had to wait. 

In Morocco, the whole convoy has to stay together with police escort. The started to travel after dark and were told they were not travelling towards Casablanca for the rally and were heading straight to Fes.

It was during this time  I tried to contact Noorah and was getting worried as I was unable to get through. As she said today I had every right to be worried as they were actually driving all night last night.

Night 5- 18th February Tangier to Fes..

The entire journey was undertaken in the dark in fog conditions, Noorah said it was very difficult to see the vehicle in front of them and drivers of the convoy complained to the police of the conditions. But the police did not stop the convoy, until their own police car fell into a ravine. Noorah said Alhumdolillah it was their vehicle and not one of ours. The convoy obviously stopped for a while and due to tiredness Noorah could not continue to drive, alhumdolillah a brother decided to take her place at the wheel for an hour. May Allah reward him. While Noorah slept, of all places on the generator that is being taken to Gaza.May Allah give her the strength to carry on.

Day 6 Fes

Noorah said “the reason that they made us travel by night, was so that the public would not be able to see our vehicles, be  aware of our whereabouts, and would not come out to support us”.

Yvonne Ridley states in her blog for today that the convoy is having a restful day in Fes whilst waiting for other drivers to catch up. I am not sure who she is waiting for as the whole convoy is together. As for “a great day in Morocco”. Noorah called me herself today alhumdolillah and said that the convoy was in a state of “house arrest”. They had been taken to a hotel on the outskirts of Fes whilst it was dark and since they have arrived they have been forbidden by the police to leave the premises, the only place they can go is to the petrol station to fill up their tanks and they have to return back to the hotel.

I really do not understand what the media or for that matter the viva palestina website is trying to show the public but it is no where near the truth of what is happening to the convoy.

The convoy will travel over night again to Maghnia (the Algerian border). The convoy really has lost all expectations of what will happen next. Noorah has asked for everyone to make dua for everyone on the convoy and especially for the fact that she is able to fulfill her neeyah to get the aid to the children of Gaza.

May Allah make the journey easier for them and allow them a way into Gaza and a safe journey back to us.

wa salaam


p.s I am sorry for the length of these updates which seem to be becoming more of an adventure novel. Subhan’Allah may Allah make the days ahead better for them.

Noorah has asked for these updates to be circulated so that people can find the real truth what is happening! Jazak’Allah khair


2 thoughts on “Viva Palestina day 5&6”

  1. assalamua alaikum.
    subhanaallah, i dont know why they are doing these to them.may allah protect them and make their journey safe and better in algeria.

  2. subhanallah… so much for help from our brothers and sister in africa 😦 I just pray the border has been opened. I remember Noorah saying they were opening it especially for them, I pray so insha’allah.

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