Viva Palestina day 3 and 4

My dear friend Z was able to contact the convoy once again…

as salaam alaikum I apologise for not giving you an update on day 3, but I only got to speak to her very briefly on monday night, so Insha’Allah I will now give you an update for day 3 and 4 Night 2 Supposedly as I informed you Noorah should have spent night 2 in the Bordeaux Town hall, as that is what they were promised by the Mayor, hmmmm. What can I say? In Noorah’s own words ” we drove past all these huge buildings in the town centre, thinking we would be staying in one of those, but we drove past them all and ended up in some small back streets, there the brothers slept in a gym hall, similar to Islamia’s and the Sisters went to a local mosque for the night”. Day 3 – 16th February Today the Convoy was meant to drive to San Sebastion, and hold a rally there, they were promised a good meal and local support. When they arrived at San Sebastion, no one knew who they were. It seems that we are hearing alot of good things, but the reality seems to be something else. Do make dua for them and let everyone keep to their intentions. Subhan’Allah. Like I said I was only able to speak to Noorah very briefly on this night just to find she was on the outskirts of Madrid. I went onto the Vivapalestina web site to find that the Mayor of the Town they were in was actually putting them up for the night, which gave me some peace of mind. It seems again that a few Brothers were put up in a sports hall, as Yvonne Ridley states in her blog. Noorah and her group were unaware of any such thing and opted to stay instead in a Hotel. I hope that way they got some better sleep although I don’t know how many hours of sleep they got as she was still on the road at 1am. Day 4 – 17th february They were meant to drive from Madrid to the Southern Italian Border to a town called Algerciras and the port of Tarifa. The main convoy has been split into groups and are all travelling at their own speeds. According to Noorah the day hasn’t been too bad, although she is quite mad at having to wait for others in the group to catch up. There is alot of stopping and waiting going on. At 11pm (gmt) they had only just passed Serville and had another few hours drive to go to reach Tarifa. But as it is Noorah masha’Allah she is still laughing and joking about the whole thing, and thinking of doing a “lone ranger” and just meeting the convoy in Cairo. She is comparing the whole experience as a little disorganised and alot like “wacky races” (the 70s cartoon). Please continue to pray for Noorah and the convoy, as Yvonne Ridley is also stating it isnt as easy as it seems. May Allah make the journey easier for them, and make them reach safely into Gaza. On a positive note 7 of the Brothers that were arrested the night before the convoy set off, are on their way to join the rest of the convoy in Tunis insha’Allah. keep on making dua wa salaam z


2 thoughts on “Viva Palestina day 3 and 4”

  1. asalam sis..just to let u know i spoke to noorah last night and she asked to tell everyone about her interview on press tv at around 5 oclock…
    i saw it and she is looking well and her spirits are high even with the lack of sleep….

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