Viva Palestina update 2

As salaam alaikum

15th February

I spoke to Noorah about an hour ago, alhumdolillah she is fine despite of the fact that
after arriving at Ostend at around 1am this morning, the convey actually slept in a trucker’s car park in -3 conditions. I guess we cant imagine, but Noorah said it was freezing last night and didn’t get much sleep as the trucks were on the move all night. They were back on the move at 6am this morning and have managed to travel the 550 miles from Ostend to Bordeaux. This was one of the largest distances the convoy will be travelling in one day.
She was very happy of the fact that the Mayor of Bordeaux has actually opened the Town Hall for the Convoy so they can eat and sleep there tonight. Alhumdolillah much better than sleeping out in the cold. May Allah give them better conditions on their journey and make it easy for them.

Tomorrow they will be on their way to Madrid, they will also be stopping in St sebastion, for a rally. Madrid will be closing roads to allow the convoy through. We really should be thanking these Mayors of these towns. By the way where was the Mayor of London on the 14th???

Insha’Allah will update you again tomorrow, Noorah sends her salaams.

She wanted you to know that she is now travelling with the Manchester convoy and is happy to be with them.

Keep Noorah in your prayers and also the people of Gaza.

wa salaam



4 thoughts on “Viva Palestina update 2”

  1. that our noorah up for all that allah puts up against her
    mashallah she is a strong sis and may allah be with her and all the convoy………

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