Viva palestina update

Those who read my blog regularly(if not stay a little bit longer and read earlier posts) know about my friend who is on her way to Gaza as part of the British convoy… Well let me tell you that Noorah has many many friends who are concerned for her well being and pray for her and the rest of her crew. The following email is from a sisters who has helped Noorah in so many different ways. Sister Z has organized coffee mornings in the school to fund raise, skipping sponsorships, cut out all the letters to go on the van…and many more. May Allah bless her and reward her with good in the dunya and in the akhira, ameen.


As salaam alaikum I promised Noorah before she left that I wont let anyone forget her while she is on her way to Gaza. So Insha’Allah I will be emailing daily to update you on how she is as I will be calling her each night to check in. I spoke to her about 20 minutes ago, Alhumdolillah she is fine and is docking in to Ostend. She managed to get onto the ferry, but No Thanks to the police who pulled her over on the way to Ramsgate. Please make dua for the safe travel of the convoy, as it now seems that people (police and authorities) are going to make things difficult for them.May Allah make it easy for them. The convoy is now going to find somewhere to sleep in the cold will stop around 1am and will have to be back up and on the road at 6am. Noorah has asked me to call her again in the morning.So will send another update and she sends you her salaams. Please make continuous dua for her. May Allah make her journey a success and may she return to us safely. Jazak’Allah khair with love and prayers Z


8 thoughts on “Viva palestina update”

  1. Unfortunately I saw the police stopping another van on the way to the park yesterday morning,even before they had met with the convoy. Alhamdulilah the brothers kept their smiles on and stayed calm. May Allah allow the aid to reach the palestinians in need, Ameen.

  2. masha’allah.. thanks for the update sis. I pray that the authorities dont give them too much hassle on the way over, none more than they can cope with anyways eh? lol

  3. insh’Allah everything will be fine for them!

    How “boring” this police, astaghfirullah!

    PS: Ines, can I use your pictures to show them to some italian sisters? (it’s going to be in a private blog anyway) jazakiAllahu khayran

  4. assalamu alaikum.
    may allah make their journey a safe one reward them and bring them back safe to their families and friends.ameen.
    jazak allah kheir ines for sharing this with us

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