They’re off…

and I’m still crying 2 hours later.

My friend Noorah and her two crew members have left for Gaza less than three hours ago. They are part of the British convoy who is driving all the way to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid; ambulances, fire engines, clothes, medicines, generators…

So early this morning I have followed her car, which was bursting at the seams with blankets, clothes etc., to Hyde Park where there were already quite a few cars and ambulances ready for the big adventure.

Mashallah the atmosphere was one I have never experienced before. Everyone was smiling and obviously excited despite the freezing cold. The camaraderie was palpable throughout the day. Muslims and no Muslims were there to see ‘history in the making’. The media people were also there of course.

I think is best if I share my pictures with you and shut my mouth now. I’m getting quite emotional again so I better keep myself busy before I start crying again.Ā  I can not stop thinking of the old sweet couple holding hands in one of the little buses smiling as they drove off, asking us to make dua for them and the afghani brother all by himself driving this huge lorry full.

Oh just one more thing, my friend Noorah had the best sent off ever. Everyone was cheering her on, clapping, waving Palestinian flags, letting poppers off, crying, chanting Noorah, Noorah.

Oh and the first few pics were taking in my schools playground as the children decorated the car. What an experience for my class that was. It is ‘very real’Ā  for them because Noorah’s daughter is in my class. So all day yesterday I was teaching /learning around the viva palestina topic. I will not bore you with it but just a few examples…we did geography by looking at the route, what countries they are going through, capitals, presidents…We did numeracy by comparing distances, kilometres, what days where…So you get the idea šŸ˜† Lots of du’as, hadith, coran. I really believe that the children learn much more when it’s meaningful to them.

Ok, ok here is the pictures, enjoy. Oh just one more thing, please make du’as for my friend and all those in the convoy, that they arrive there safely and that the right people benefit, ameen.dsc00681dsc00677dsc00699dsc00701dsc00702dsc00703dsc00709dsc00722dsc00742dsc007291dsc00746dsc00755dsc00756dsc00757dsc00765dsc007621


10 thoughts on “They’re off…”

  1. Masha’allah look at little Noorah.. I pray the journey is safe for them all and I look forward to seeing updates. I pray all the brothers and sisters involved in this are protected and rewarded for their intentions. I pray that the materials they drive with find their way to the Palestinians and that it helps them to the fullest.

  2. mash’Allah tabarak’Allah! May Allah guide them safely and help them to support our brothers & sisters in Palestine insh’Allah! Did the sister go by herself? Any family member? Insh’Allah they’ll be just fine!!!!

  3. Three sisters are travelling together with the father of one of them in the car in front. Inshallah they’ll be fine and achieve what the’ve set out to achieve.

  4. As salaam alaikum Princess. Jazak’Allah khair for the pictures, really wanted to be there and go to Gaza too šŸ˜¦ Can’t tell you to stop crying either, because I’ve been doing the same since I said my salaams to her last night. Take care and keep making dua. Thanks for the pictures again, I needed them seeing that there was no decent coverage on T.V today, which is a shame as it is an historic event, just goes to show who the media is backing. Talk to u later, hope to meet up before you disappear aswell.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Zubia and yes I was expecting more tv coverage too. Yvonney ridley is blogging everyday from wherever they happen to be inshallah so go to the viva palestina website and read her updates.
    Talk to you soon, inshallah.

  6. Masha’Allah, may Allah reward their efforts and keep them safe on their journey, ameen.

    Thanks for sharing your pics sis- I got choked up just looking at them!
    Emma x

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