Road testing…

my new set of tyres


 The road conditions weren’t ideal but the scenery was breathtaking. The company was good with the exception of teenage wannabe daughter who was again, as usual, moaning throughout. Why do we have to walk so much? Why do we have to play football? When are we going back home? I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m bored. Ohh, this is disgusting! My shoes are ruined…Honestly, I do not know how we’ve kept it cool. Dh deserves a medal for putting up with a hormonal teenager while playing football with the other two. And all that time I was going round the park power walking like a maniac.

A new , new year resolution of mine is to go back to power walking. I used to do it quite regularly and always enjoyed it very much. Nothing beats going to a park early in the morning before the crowds arrive and enjoying the peace and quiet while building up a sweat.

I’m glad I got myself  a new pair of walking shoes yesterday. Another bargain of mine 😆 This time from Sports World. A karrimor pair for £20!!! I intend to make very good use of them. We are already planning next weekend’s outing, to the horror of teenage daughter.:lol:  We are quite keen on Birling Gap. I was there last summer with a friend of mine and felt in love with the scenery, mashallah. I never got to explore the area properly so inshallah this time we will walk along the coast line. The cliffs are simply breathtaking subhanallah.

Nothing else worth mentioning this weekend. Saturday was easy and relaxed with some arts and crafts , reading and the usual blogging. I am doing surprisingly well with my tapestry. Old age is taming me or so it seems.

Once again, my dear readers, I leave you with some pictures. Enjoy

dsc00654 dsc00635dsc00644dsc00651dsc00610dsc00611dsc00660

Salaams y Hata pronto,



5 thoughts on “Road testing…”

  1. Masha Allah, sounds great! We’ve been planning to get over to the basketball court on a Thursday morning (weekend over here) for some family fitness! I think we’ll have to do it this Thursday in sha Allah!

  2. nice shoes mashaallah..i really like that kind.walking in the park is so good mashaallah…i remember i did it with you once….really liked it…wish i could do it now but not possible,maybe when the monkeys grew a bit bigger…lol….enjoy your next weekend.

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