The long weekend…

was exactly what my body needed. The extra two days I was off work because of the snow,  were a blessing mashallah.
Nothing especial but did me and my family a lot of good. The girls enjoyed the extra-mummy time, even if they will not admit it and I certainly enjoyed the extra-me time.

Monday, lots of chilling out, playing out in the back in the snow, a little bit of cooking, blogging, computers, watching a movie all together.

Tuesday, another slow morning followed by more ‘me-time’. As the girls were happy to stay at home, Ammena ( the sister who is staying with us remember?) and I went to a shopping center for a little shopping and a spot of lunch. Oh, don’t you just like the sound of that? When I’m rich inshallah, I am not going to cook unless I really want to and I’m going to meet friends for lunch almost everyday 😆

Anyway, wagamama was the chosen venue for our lunch. I was so excited to be going to that particular restaurant after months of wanting to eat there. The thing is that no matter how hard I try dh will not oblige to take me there, the girls always go for ‘pizza hut’ opposite wagamama and my luch friends hate it as much as my dh and girls put together. So imagine my excitement when Ammena agreed to go to wagamama’s for lunch.

The food was even better than I expected and even though is not an authentic Japanese restaurant the setting isn’t too bad either.I like simple when it fits the ‘less is more’ criteria. The company was good too and we took some nice pictures that I will share with you in a minute so read on and you’ll get to see them, inshallah.

Oh I almost forgot, another thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is to have a go at tapestry. I’ve been putting it off for various reasons but I guess deep down I was scared of not being able to start it off on my own so again I took advantage of Ammena being here and got the kit. In all honesty, it is much easier that I anticipated and I can see myself finishing it in the not so near future but before summer inshallah.

So, my dear readers, I leave you now with the customary pictures which brighten up the otherwise quite boring posts.

dsc03570 dsc035571



6 thoughts on “The long weekend…”

  1. masha’allah.. nice post 🙂 I know you will appreciate this comment from me. I had fun with lunch and everything, thank you so much for putting up with me. JazakAllah khair.

  2. mashaallah looks like you enjoying yourselves the snowman it must have taken you time to make it that big…
    glad you found sis ameena to go with you to chineese…not what i would your hubby and girls…lol…
    Ines doing tapestry..very good mashaallah.hope you will find the time to finish it.
    was today another one off or not…well it was for me and kauthar and she was so happy….lol.

  3. well nice to know u have a sis with u and u can have girly time …..
    mashallah the crafts look good who is doing them?????


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