When I grow up…

I want to be a photographer, inshallah. Yes, another one of my phases most probably but it feels very real right now.

It all started at the same time as my blogging career as a reader that is.There are lots of good blogs out there with very good pictures but my number one at the moment is Pioneer Woman’s blog . She is my inspiration at the moment. Not on the cooking front though. She is another superwoman that makes me feel quite inadequate but that’s another story…

 The need to be more creative has taken over my life 😆 I am the least creative person you could ever meet. Always hated art, DT or anything to do with ‘non practicallity’. The only exception would have to be films. I can watch films and read books for my country and my dh’s country too.

Anyway, I am serious (for now anyway) about taking up photography. I have even done a bit of research and this is the camera I intend to play about with, inshallah. As soon as I graduate in June (can not wait!!!) I am going to enrol on a photography course and have fun with the little machine and be out and about taking snapshots of life around me.

People around me (and by that you know who I mean…)are almost taking bets as to the ‘seriousness’ of my new found love. Is it for real? Is it another whim? Only time will tell but right now it is all I think about. Well almost. Did I tell you that I love dramatic arts too? 😆 Do not fear I have NO intentions of becoming an actor of any kind. Mind you there are people out there who  believe teaching is nothing more than acting. The cheek of them!!

What about you dear readers? Any plans for when you grow older or wiser? Any hidden talents waiting to be awaken? Any hobbies you want to experiment with? Let us know, please.


9 thoughts on “When I grow up…”

  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    That’s great Ines! Go for it! I once did a mini photography course at school. It’s fun! When I grow up? I’d really like to produce some works of art, whatever the method!

  2. Mashallah , you are very ambitious. I don’t like taking photos. I only like being in photos . You can picture me , Inshallah.

  3. Assalaamu alaikum

    When I grow up?? I don’t plan on growing up! 😆

    Actually I have been really getting into photography and feeling frustrated with the Point and shoot I have right now and funnily enough we were also looking at the Nikon D60 and D80 a couple of weekends ago. Dh almost bought one as they were on offer but decided to continue browsing – he likes to check EVERY retailer first! 🙄

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