Out of action…

Getting much better though,Alhamdulilah. To make a very long story short…Ended up in A&E Thursday night after 3 days of unbearable pain with a very swollen wrist and hand, thinking that I have broken a bone or something. No bones broken but a extreme case of swelling of the lining of the joints. So, I walked out of the hospital with a splint and a box of anti-inflammatories. Oh ,and with an irritating dh next to me muttering that it was all the computer’s fault. He is adamant that is all the typing that has caused it 😆

Best part of it…no cooking, no cleaning , no chores in general. Worst, quite a lot of pain, no typing, no writing. Alhamdulilah the swelling is gone and tomorrow I am going to remove the ugly splint and see how it goes.

Today I was supposed to cook and entertain a few friends but instead ,because of my poor hand , the little gathering is going to be at another sister’s house. May Allah bless her and all my friends, ameen.

5 thoughts on “Out of action…”

  1. awwww sis, shafack Allah…

    I had the same problem b4 when I did data entry once as a summer job, and hurt my wrists and forearm so bad, I couldnt even hold anything without dropping it or shouting out in pain. Take it easy…. if it progresses, it is really hard to “undo” so better to prevent it now in shaa Allah x

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