Another Eid party…

This time the party was on Friday, at work. The school’s PTA organized a fun day for all the children and the teachers in the school.

The day began with a drumming workshop led by an Algerian musician and his brother. We learnt about the different types of drums and their origins as well as having a turn at playing the instruments and trying to put together rhythms and patterns.





Next , was lunch delivered to the school by a local pizzeria. Lovely individual pizzas and drinks mashallah. 

As it was Friday , straight after lunch the Juniors went up to the masjid for Juma’a .After salah , games and fun activities back in the classrooms just before going home carrying a party bag. It was indeed a fun day for all Alhamdulilah.


5 thoughts on “Another Eid party…”

  1. kids loved it. I had to behave…like if it wasn’t for the two guys I would have done a bit of dancing but , my class love it when I am silly 😆

  2. i heard all about it,kauthar loved it masha’allah but she was hoping to get more food in the class(chocolate,crisps,sweets…).she said it wasn’t really a party because we didn’t get much (junk) but we did lots of games(which she enjoyed)

  3. For those of you who don’t know it umkauthar’s daughter is in my class!!!!
    Haven’t time changed? No need for parent teacher meetings…they just moan on line 😆

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