I forgot…

As promised, here are the pics of my hard labour.

Orange marmalad and yogurt cake
Orange marmalad and yogurt cake



Teenage wannabe's cookies
Teenage wannabe


Carrot and orange marmalade slices ready...
Carrot and orange marmalade slices ready...


Lemon muffins
Lemon muffins


I stayed up till very late but it was all worth it (did I just say that?!?!). Everyone loved them and I was so happy to have the lovely sisters and their wild children at home for a nice cuppa and lots of laughter.

Ramadan is over but there is reward to be gained in shawal too. In fact , seeking the reward of Allah, our creator, should always be in our minds, hearts and souls no matter what. May Allah continue to bless us always.


8 thoughts on “I forgot…”

  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    They all look fantastic masha’Allah. The lemon muffins sound delish – I love anything with lemon in!

    Your daughter did well with the cookies too, well done to her!

  2. I love lemony sour food too. The secret of this recipe is …sour cream.
    Your cakes look delicious too, mashallah.

  3. as salamu alaykum Ines,

    I agree with Umm Ibrahim…. where are the recipes? 😉 insh’Allah we’ll wait for them in the forum if you prefer…. wherever u like sis 😀

  4. assalamu alaaikum
    masha’allah ines you done a very good job.i didn’t beleive it until i saw the pics.
    by the way next time you make some you know the way to my place…lol
    eid mubarak to all your family

  5. Lemon cakes for me too…. love them! Send some over lol.
    Well done sis, you worked hard and i bet it was worth every bite! 🙂

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