I am an idiot…

How dare do I complain about my life when there are people out there suffering…

 As I write this I am crying, tears of shame, anger, frustration and more. I can not begin to describe how I am feeling. Please read the following. I just had to share with you. http://awakenedbytruth.blogspot.com/ Is this legal? I hope so!


3 thoughts on “I am an idiot…”

  1. Salaam sis 🙂
    Are you referring to the “the way out” post? If so, then no, caging of innocent people without proving them guilty, subjecting them to horrendous tortures day and night is not legal.

  2. Salaams of course torture of any kind isn’t legal….I was actually referring to copy pasting somebody elses blog entry. I was so moved by it that I did not stop to think and ask first. Sorry 😦

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