Not again…

I have once more been tagged by a fellow blogger and to be honest I DON’T LIKE IT. The minute I discover that I have been bullied tagged I go into hyperventilatingpanic mode. And you know why? Because the whole tagging business makes me feel inadequate, lazy, stupid and another lots of different feelings that are too obscure or/and personal to discuss here.

So, yeah, going back to the tagging. Who exactly tagged me this time? Hold on a second let me go and check…oh yes, a very lovely sister whose blog I read almost daily (inadequacy number 1: can’t do the name link thing whatever is called arrrgh). Ammena if you are reading this… ‘echame un cable por favor’ (that’s your first Spanish lesson in exchange of technical support, lol). You see what I mean? Ammena could have been another link too cause I read her blog too.  OMG, I think I have done it…OMG, OMG how do I check it out though… I think I have to publish this post so far cause when I press on the blue word nothing happens. Let’s see. Bismillah


4 thoughts on “Not again…”

  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    INES!!! Well done sis! You did link Rainbow just fine! Don’t sweat it, it’s just fine. And hey, what’s all this about feeling inadequate? You are among friends! *hugs*

    I was wondering where you’d go to. I love reading your blog!

  2. Assalaamu alaikum

    I didn’t realise there were two new posts! On my wordpress blogsurfer only the latest post shows up. 🙄

    You know in the little box where you type the web address of the other blog, delete the http:// that is already there and then copy and paste the web address you want to use. I think you did it on your next post anyway didn’t you?

    And what’s this about feeling stupid, inadequate etc?? 😡 I’m not happy reading this! I think you’re great masha’Allah!

  3. You’re mad Ines (i a wonderful way) and i love reading your blogs. You have so much personality 🙂
    And never feel inadequate lady!

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