Hasta pronto

Inshallah tomorrow morning we are off to San Sebastian (Basque Country)for our summer holidays. We will be staying at my parents for over 2 weeks and as much as I love my folks I know from now that they will drive me insane.
Dh and the kids love it over there. So I don’t mind it too much as long as dh is happy and relaxed, which rarely happens here in London, and the girls get lots of ‘grandparents time’.
The biggest downside to going back to my roots is what it does to my iman. Thinking about it , the hadith about staying and living with your muslim community comes to my mind. So true; little by little I can see my iman weakening as a result of being far from my muslim friends, neighbours, family…What I might have thought had no influence on me or my iman suddenly starts playing up in my mind.
I hope and pray that Allah keeps me always strong no matter where I may be, ameen.
So my dear readers, friends and sisters I bid you farewell till the end of the month inshallah.
Oh and before I forget…yes the customary picture, lol. A picture of mii according to my girls. They reassure me that it looks exactly like me. Whatever!!!

This is mii when I play nintendo wii. I am getting very good at tennis.
This is mii when I play nintendo wii. I am getting very good at tennis.

7 thoughts on “Hasta pronto”

  1. safe journey sis…remember me in your dua’s while travelling insha’allah
    see you when you get back? πŸ˜‰

  2. lol πŸ™‚ insha’allah the time is worthwhile. Although by now you are there i pray everything goes well for you, cant wait to have you back.. dont like it when you get a life ;P Looking forward to the pictures. fi amenallah

  3. OMG Ines looks just like you , they are not wrong there! nice hols sister and have a safe time inshaAllah!

  4. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    It’s great to see your new blog ma sha Allah! I hope you’re having a wonderful time on your holidays! Look forward to reading all about it πŸ™‚ So sorry I didn’t get to meet you in London 😦


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