Rain, rain and more rain

It has been quite an uneventful weekend. Alhamdulilah for the rain but it kind of gets to you after a while and this week we have had quite a lot of it. I know it’s wrong to complain about the weather cause is from Allah who knows best…So let’s just say that I find it quite hard to entertain my moody, spoilt and easily bored children if it’s raining non-stop.

Anyway, all day yesterday was spent doing nothing worth mentioning here. Teenage wannabe baked a ‘banoffie pie’ which is a first, mashallah. She usually runs up to her room and hides behind some book or other at the mention of cooking, baking or anything crafty. We were all quite impressed with the end result, mashallah.

Today’s picnic at Regent’s Park was cancelled due to the bad weather. I was really looking forward to the second annual meeting of the forum . A forum in which I participate as I meet the indispensable prerequisites necessary to be admitted: to be muslimah and to be connected somehow to Algeria (dh’s origins in my case ). They will now meet next Sunday but I will be in Spain. Never mind , it was not written for me.
So because I simply could not take another day of the girls driving me up the walls with their long bored faces I have succumbed to their wishes of going to the movies.

We’ve watched ‘The Mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor’. Not a great movie but rather entertaining if you like action packed movies. The girls have enjoyed it greatly but I suspect that it’s the whole pop-corn, drinks and big screen experience rather than the film itself that appeals to them.

And now the customary picture; they brighten up even the dullest blogs ,lol.

Teenage wannabe's banoffi pie
Teenage wannabe's banoffi pie

5 thoughts on “Rain, rain and more rain”

  1. Impressed with the banoffee pie pic, did it taste as good as it looks??! My mum was on holiday in Devon but came home early due to the bad weather – strange huh… what I wouldn’t do to stand out in some cool, pouring rain right now! 😆

  2. i love rain…sometimes I stand by my kitchen window when the wind is blowing in the right direction and catch the drops on my face as they get blown in…
    are we going to get to see some of spain on the blog then???

  3. salaams,
    Yes inshallah I will be taking lots of pics in Spain (Basque Country actually) but not sure if I will have the time to blog while over there.
    Yes the banoffi pie did taste yummy. Such a simple recipe too!

  4. ooooooooooooooooooooooh lovely pie sis, can only imagne how it tastes yummy i am sure mashaallah! I hope you have a lovely time in espania and so sorry about the picnic but the weather was just too wet hence the grass to wet and muddy.

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