Back again…

I've a feeling I have found a hobby I'll stick to.
I've a feeling I have found a hobby I'll stick to.

After who knows how many attempts at recovering the password for the other blog, I have decided to start all over again. It is going to take me a while to get this one up and running to my standards because the little I did learn about blogging and presentation has all gone out of the window. Oh well, what is lacking in presentation will make up in content, lol.

Today I have spent a good 3 hours making a collage. What a surprisingly good time I’ve had! The task was more challenging than anticipated but worth it all the same. The trickiest was cutting out the small letters as I don’t have any craft tools. I had to use ordinary scissors and glue. I am planning a visit to an art and crafts shop and see what I can get. I have already googled lots for inspiration and ideas.

 The end result…well I think is really good considering it was a first and is going up on the ‘gallery wall’ right next to my father’s painting and the kid’s work.

And now let’s see if I remember how to add pictures to a post. Omg I’ve done it! The quality of the picture is not great but you get the idea, I hope!!


3 thoughts on “Back again…”

  1. Great pic…. yopu have a flare for it. My hobby is card making, but have had no time in a long time. But when i go on maternity leave, i intend to get started again insha’allah.

  2. welcome back to the bloging world , was wondering why you was not bloging over there! Looking forward to your post!

  3. Card making is as alien to me as sending/exchanging them. It was a real cultural shock when I first came to this country. Never in my life had anyone given me a card to wish me whatever… Still not very good at it. I’ll give someone a present but no card, lol.

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